There are times in lives when there is a need to talk to someone, not because we are weak, but because we need to reconnect with our High Self. Whether your issues are distressing or complicated or you have a question we offer you a non-judgmental place to be heard.

Emotional disturbances clients bring to us are viewed as transformational requirements for deepening and shaping their own unique paths. This is a call for the merging of the individual’s internal and external worlds for sameness and connection. This can be a defining moment where one learn new tools such as a connection with something greater than self. These disturbances serve to alert one when the power of the spirit becomes stronger than the body. Transpersonal Theory refers to this as ‘the dark night of the soul’ when events move you into being .

We value a Spiritual/Transpersonal approach. Our counselling philosophy is influenced by A Course in Miracles (Transpersonal Theory), Mindfulness, Bowen’s Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Chakra Realignment, Gestalt Therapy (Existential Theory) and Spiritual Response Techniques.

These techniques aim to assist in living in the moment which can minimize fear and maximize the use of will and intent, believing all dark nights end with a light illuminating a new path. We offer warm, compassionate, empathetic, ethical, safe, confidential and supportive counselling services. . We respect the belief systems of everyone; therefore if at any point in the counselling process you become uncomfortable with our processes, we will be happy to refer you to someone else.

“I am One with the Father, the Father is one with me. My Father and I are a Team”

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