Spiritual View

Spirituality is our vital life force. It is an awareness of a Being or force that goes beyond the material dimension and gives us a deep sense of connectedness and wholeness to the universes and everyone in it.

Spirituality is a way of being that acknowledges Love, Hope, Compassion, Meaning, Transcendence and Connectedness. Spirituality is the infusion and drawing out of Spirit in our lives and is our own unique capacity and tendency as humans.

Counselling from a Spiritual context encourages individuals to explore their Soul Purpose; and gives them an opportunity to work with Holy Spirit to clear and remove programs they carry that no longer serve their soul’s purpose. Since true happiness can be achieved only through self-improvement and self-knowledge it is one’s duty to pursue this.

Fear is a primary obstacle that confuses and holds one back. Suppressing and denying fear is useless. Successful confrontation with it is the breakthrough that leads to understanding.

Learning to live at a high level of uncertainty peacefully can be challenging. Since the whole point of life involves strengthening the soul, this means accepting that one may also endure great fear … and become free of all fear.  Therefore will and intent are one’s most powerful allies.

Healing is a two-way street and the idea of living in the All Is One- unus mundus or One World appeals to the connection with a hidden power for the purpose of healing. What we do in the world of everyday life is to perceive only what we already know. We revalidate the world we know. Socialization gives us the concepts of what things are, and thus we never really perceive what is actually there. We know “truth” from our experiences of illusion and all we do from then on is validate it.

Healing is the act of erasing the illusion. Our world is real because collectively, we have all agreed to it… our Soul-Pysche knows that something far vaster exists than what we have agreed to let our senses perceive. 

The essence of healing is to see/experience direct energy, see the essence of things and how they have influenced one’s life. Emotionally distressing experiences are regarded as food for the journey and the key for connection with a hidden power for the sole purpose of healing. Spirituality is broader than religion and can form one’s desire to live a religious life, and also a life that is not overtly religious at all. Ultimately living a more fulfilled life in awareness and harmony is the goal.

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