Techniques Used


Transpersonal is a force that has the ability to move through one; yet is beyond and greater than one.

Transpersonal Theory was first introduced by William James more than 90 years ago. The field is concerned not only with the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology associated with the usual stages of human development from infancy through adulthood, but also with difficulties associated with developmental stages beyond that of the adult ego. It is this latter idea, that there are stages of human growth beyond the ego (hence the term transpersonal).

Transpersonal psychiatry does not promote any particular belief system, but rather acknowledges that spiritual experiences and transcendent states characterized by altruism, creativity, and profound feelings of connectedness are universal human experiences. This brings about a deepening and integration of one’s sense of connectedness whether it be with self, community, nature, or the entire cosmos.

This capacity of entering other focal points of consciousness is what is referred to as LOVE.
Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, Love says: “I am everything.” Wisdom says: “I am nothing.” Between the two my life flows. Since at any point of time and space I can be both the subject and object of experience, I express it by saying that I am both, and neither, and beyond both.”

This notion of connectedness or union is present in some form in most cultures and all of the major religions. Our own intuitive wisdom In yoga philosophy, the Spiritual Ground is regarded as the true nature of reality and self where mental activity serves only to obscure this truth by creating a sense of separate existence.

These states as described by (Kasprow & Scotton,1999, p.12). When these states are accessed and anchored as the guide for negotiating integration of the various parts, as well as setting goals and making decisions, then the individual can experience a sense of harmony and balance since the transpersonal ‘I’ is a more stable, consistent and compassionate conductor of life. From this transpersonal perspective there is you, the ego and spirit, not two selves or more, just one self and the ego and spirit. The one self can listen to the ego or listen to spirit. This one self carries with it all the suspicions of self. This is the self that when fed by a solid connection with the divine is able to make a solid decision to access the Truth by listening  to spirit and in doing so can correct any suspicion of self.

The primary motivation in Transpersonal Psychology is to become aware, by aligning and identifying self as the interconnected ‘I’ that is common in all of us. This “I” is aligned with the force for expansion, it is authentic and non-negotiable. When connected to this solid self there is an increased ability to loosen your emotional attachment to what you view as your perception of reality and identify with something greater. With this conscious and consistent “I” as the driver in your life many of life’s internal conflicts and challenges could be minimized.

The message of transpersonal psychiatry is that not all that looks like psychosis is illness and these times are considered “Dark night of the Soul”. In some cases, these experiences represent developmental difficulties in individuals undergoing profound and important spiritual changes. The metaphor of midwifery is relevant: imagine the damage done if “treatment” prevented delivery. This process can only be achieved by safe support and guidance rather than suppression.

Healing can be achieved by recognizing that one’s spiritual experiences are part of the therapeutic process.

Chakra Alignment

The chakras are the psychic centres of consciousness and work as generators of the auric field and are colour coded..   The aura itself is the meeting point between the core patterns generated by the chakras and the influence of our external world where spirit, mind and body intersects.   The original seven master chakras form a profound and elegant system that maps logically the body through the nerve ganglia, connecting our physical existence to higher and deeper non-physical realms.   They are used as gateways between various dimensions-centers where activity of one dimension, such as emotion and thought, connects and plays on another dimension, such as our physical bodies.  Their intersecting dimensions interact with each other to influence our activities in the outside world.

Chakras are made of symbolic patterns of our mental and physical programming and are a  system of human physiology that interact at certain points in the body to form a chakra.   The 7 major ones are  crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and root..        The physical and spiritual body  can be diagnosed and affected by this,  as in this system the physical, emotional and spiritual states are inter-connected.   Each symbol is a stage which must be completed before the next is realized.

Immediate needs of the client are addressed by using different applications of intention, meditations, movements, sounds, and the  incorporation of breath with the different colours of the chakra moving the energy through the body in reference with earth and sky.  The object of work is to clean the chakras of old, non-beneficial patterns so that their self-perpetuating actions transforms to a positive influence and one’s life energy can continue to expand to higher planes.  Because the chakras are associated with seven basic levels of consciousness; the opening of a chakra usually permits clients to experience deeper understandings of their consciousness associated with that level that can truly be life changing

The dimensions of living interact with each other through this system.  This facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of the whole person. If one is healthy,  energy flows freely throughout the body. If there is a blockage of some kind , it will show itself not just as a tension or weakness in the body, but behaviours and attitudes will also be evident.  Each chakra correspond to certain portions of the body, certain types of thoughts and behaviours, and certain types of spiritual attitudes.

These dimensions cannot be treated separately.  Heal only the body and a new ailment will return.  Heal only the mind and a new bitterness will arise.  Heal only the spirit and faith will have no form with which to sustain itself. .

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy looks at the body as a complete spiritual-energetic system. Diseases are viewed to occur as a result of negative programmes (beliefs, perceptions and judgments) that have been triggered.

Holy Spirit will often indicate the negative programming running in this life will often have its roots in past lives/experiences. These energies can be cleared. Holy Spirit will also apply spiritual healing energy directly to affected parts of the body. Our body’s systems runs off an energetic template. When there are negative energies/emotions running in the background, below the level of the person’s conscious awareness, this can “translate” as physical pain and/or dysfunction.

By clearing the body’s systems using a spiritual- energetic approach this can greatly assist the body towards self-balance, and even completely heal itself in some cases. Inherently, the body wants to be well and free of “energetic blocks”: many helpful changes can occur as the body’s systems come back into wholeness and balance.

SRT, gives us the ability to look within and replace the negative programmes we may be running with positive, supportive programming.

SRT can only be used with permission of all involved and for the well-being of a client, with the utmost respect for all. It is done through intention and focused awareness.

You must look upon your illusions and not keep them hidden, because they do not rest on their own foundation. In concealment they appear to do so, and thus they seem to be self-sustained. This is the fundamental illusion on which the others rest. For beneath them and concealed as long as they are hidden is the loving mind that thought it made them in anger. And the pain in this mind is so apparent when it is uncovered that its need of healing cannot be denied. Not all the tricks and games you offer it can heal it for here is the real crucifixion of God’s son.

And yet he is not crucified. Here is both his pain and his healing for the Holy Spirit’s vision is merciful and his remedy is quick. Do not hide suffering from his sight, but bring it gladly to him. Lay before his eternal sanity all your hurt, and let him heal you. Do not leave any spot of pain hidden from his light, and search your mind carefully for any thoughts you have kept to hurt you and cleanse it of its littleness, restoring it to the magnitude of God.

Beneath all the grandiosity you hold so dear is your real call for help. For you call for love to your Father as your Father calls you to himself. In that place which you have hidden, you will only to unite with the Father, in loving remembrance of him. You will find this place of truth as you see it in your brothers, for though they may deceive themselves like you they long for the grandeur that is I them. And perceiving it you will welcome it and it will be yours. For grandeur is the right of God’s Son, and no illusions can satisfy him or save him from what he is. Only his love is real, and he will be content only with his reality.