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Client Testimonial

“I have been working with Allison for several months and can give my highest recommendation regarding her counseling and healing.

We have had several mind/body/spirit transpersonal sessions for spiritual healing.

Each time there has been wonderful healing from the work.

Either during a session or sometimes as a result a few days later, or for some other reason I will become aware of a specific problem causing deep pain. Allison is able to ascertain where the wounds are from and then use her Spiritual-energetic healing approach to discover and release these profound programs from me.

This has resulted in me being freed from very deep pain and choices I made as a result of this pain that has been held in my spirit and body for many years.

Allison’s intuition and compassionate way of using many different techniques to heal body, mind and spirit is amazing.

I encourage anyone to work with Allison if you want to heal deep wounds.”

Light leads to Hope
Hope leads us Home
Home to our Heart
Heart  is Love
Love is God
God is Love
Love is All
All is One

Let us be that ray of light, that leads to hope, that you can take to lead you home to your heart, where your father lives.