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Φ Counselling

Φ Chakra Realignment

Φ Spiritual Research & Clearing

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Anxiety & Depression

Anger Rechanneling

Panic/Fear Based beliefs

Somatic Symptom

Trauma & Stressor

Soul Program Research and Clearing

Chakra Alignment


We believe that everyone whether they can afford counselling or not should have access to healing. Rates for face to face counselling services are based on a sliding scale, and are negotiated with us at the time of registration.

We offer various services available online. The rates and descriptions of these services are listed below, as well as links for payment through PayPal.

*** To access online or telephone counselling services please fill out the contact form or call  (613) 876 7460, please leave a message if you don’t receive an immediate response and your call will be returned ASAP. We will provide you with a Free Intake Form which you should complete as honestly as you can and return it to us. We will then book a time for your session. You will then proceed to pay for the session.

Pay by PayPal (preferred)

If you cannot pay by PayPal, arrangements can be made to provide alternate payment.

Contact us

Please click on the link above, if you have not yet registered.***

**Please note** you may send questions, to which we will provide an answer for a fee.

Services & Rates

Counselling: Face to Face/Chat $80 CAD per hour
Chakra Realignment $120 CAD per session
Spiritual Researching & Clearing $125 CAD per session
Questions: Counselling $8 each
Spiritual Research $15 each
Chakra $15 each

Sessions are usually 1 hour and the number of sessions depends on each client’s individual needs and wishes.

Face to face appointments are available by appointment only.
Appointments are made through your desired mode of communication.
You may also request a chat by emailing me at . We will reply to the chat contact information you provide and arrange for a time to meet online.
^ Skype is our first choice, because of  the options it offers with on- line security, voice and video capabilities.

Go to your chat site at the time arranged and we will meet there. We will do our best to serve your needs as we are committed to quality service.

Payment for sessions are expected to be paid prior to session time, or as arranged with the counsellor and is based on a sliding scale.

Available Hours

call (613) 876-7460

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
WEEKEND appointments are available by arrangement.